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Directing Gallery

"[Comedy of Errors] was beautifully staged (top-notch composition), the pacing was right on, the students knew what they were saying and communicated the story very well, and . . . best of all, it was HIGHLY inventive." 

Shilarna Stokes, Professor

My direction tends to entail lively action, bold language, high stakes, and precision pacing.  Whenever possible I cast the audience as judge, jury, or merely a sympathetic ear, giving actors another relationship to explore and the audience added incentive to engage. 

Selected Directing


      2020                      Dear Elizabeth.  An Experiment in the Zoom-a-Verse.

      2017                      Comedy of Errors. The Ohio State University School Tour. Co-Director Eric Brinkman.

      2016                      Urinetown. Illini Student Musicals. Co-Director Katie Burke.

      2015                      Eleemosynary. Armory Free Theatre.

      2014                      Settling. Staged Reading. Stockyards Theater Company.

      2014                      Drifting. The Royal NonSuch Theatre Company.

      2012                      The Last Days of Judas Iscariot. Lawrence Student Productions.

      2011                      The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. Lawrence Student Productions.

      2011                      The Turn of the Screw. Lawrence Student Productions.


Selected Assistant Directing


      2015                      The Guardsman. The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey. Dir. Bonnie J. Monte.*

      2015                      Titus Andronicus. The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey: Summer Professional Training Program. Dir. Brian B. Crowe

      2014                      Jacob. Provision Theater Company. Dir. Timothy Gregory and Lia Mortenson.

      2013                      A Christmas Memory and the Thanksgiving Visitor. Provision Theater Company. Dir. Timothy Gregory.

*Assistant to the Director

Devising Gallery

"Aubrey is the kind of collaborator who reminds me why I love devising. The joy, openness, and sense of exploration she brings into the rehearsal room are balanced with her challenging and insightful questions. She has a keen eye for where the work wants to go and a variety and flexibility in her methods that help get it there. Even when we are not working together on a project, I trust Aubrey to offer an honest and constructive 'outside eye' to all of my works-in-progress." 

Nicolas Shannon Savard, Collaborator 


Influenced by the physical theatre of both Jacques Lecoq and SITI Company, I embrace constructive limitations and physical freedom in all my devising.  Agreeing on the creative sandbox so to speak, allows for greater play and unexpected meanings.

Selected Devising


      2019                      As You Like It???. The Lab Series. Dir. Aubrey Helene , Eric Brinkman, Julianne Nogar, and Shannon Savard.

      2018                      Master Mimes. Independent. Dir. Ensemble

      2017                      Hello It’s Me. The Lab Series. Dir. Ensemble.

      2014                      Stories from the Edge. University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Dir. Aubrey Helene.

      2012                      Show Your Faces. Lawrence University. Dir. Kathy Privatt.

      2009                      In/Bed/Dead. Carleton College. Dir. Barbara Berlovitz.

Creative Process 

Creative Process Last Day

The Last Days of Judas Iscariot

By Stephen Adley Gurgius | Lawrence University

Gurgius' ingenious script modernizes biblical characters making them accessible to a contemporary audience.  We grounded this process in the immediate present taking our inspiration from the Occupy movements – ordinary people leaving their homes to stand up for something they believed in. 

Creative Process 25th Annual

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

Music and Lyrics by William Finn | Book by Rachel Sheinkin | Concieved by Rebecca Feldman | 

Lawrence Student Productions

We worked on finding the balance between colorful and truthful.  With design this meant drawing our inspiration from picture books and the spelling bee itself.

Creative Process Turn of the Screw

The Turn of the Screw

Adapted by Jeffrey Hatcher | From the Story by Henry James | Lawrence University

A sparse stage.  A few props.  And two actors left with a story that has haunted the west for decades.

Acting Gallery

"Five talented women bring these troubled characters to life, did I mention within coughing distance? Yeah, because that’s an extra layer of talent right there. Starting with their appearances, brunette Allie Wessel and blonde Aubrey Helene balanced each other effortlessly as tumultuous Ruth and innocent Tillie. Ms. Helene was especially notable for how believably she played the marvel and wonder whenever she got excited about science, I could tell these concepts truly filled the character with hope and awe."

Rebecca Knaur of Smile Politely, Champagne-Urbana's Culture Magazine

Selected Acting

      2020                      Violent. Beautiful. Things. (Sandy).  The Lab Series.  Dir. Sean Brennan Naughton.

      2019                      Love for Love (Mrs. Foresight).  Staged Reading.  The Actors’ Theatre Presents: The Shakespeare Underground.  Dir.

                                    Jason Speicher.

      2015                      The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-In-The-Moon Marigolds (Tillie).

                                    The Station Theater. Dir. Latrelle Bright.

      2014                      Breaking and Entering (Crawford). The Red Barn Summer Theatre. Dir. Michael Taylor.

      2014                      One Slight Hitch (Delia). The Red Barn Summer Theatre. Dir. Stephen L. Henderson.

      2013                      Black Comedy (Carol). The Red Barn Summer Theatre. Dir. Michael Taylor.

      2013                      The Swan Song (Olivia). The Red Barn Summer Theatre. Dir. Martin Henderson.

      2012                      A Christmas Carol (Miss Susan). Children’s Theatre of Madison.  Dir. Roseann Sheridan.

      2011                      Timon of Athens (Ensemble). The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey.  Dir. Brian B. Crowe.

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